Corporate food service offers your associates convenience and value in their workplace meals. Onsite dining saves them time and money, and lets them get back to focusing on their duties and responsibilities. It's a simple, effective benefit that serves your entire organization.

But working with different providers from one location to the next can lead to challenges you don't have time to deal with. Pricing, selection, quality and administration can wind up undermining the benefits of your service and lead to recurring issues.

EFN manages the intricacies of your food service program at the national level. Our network of providers includes the most capable regional food service organizations in the nation. Our position in the industry allows to serve as your liaison, working to optimize and streamline food service throughout your organization.

  • Day-to-day oversight of service and administration
  • Uniform standards established and maintained across regions and providers
  • Simplified, transparent financial reporting
  • Annual quality control auditing
  • Concise control of health & wellness subsidies