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Employee First Network is an independent food service management company providing coordination and operational oversight of food, vending, office coffee & micro-market service to multi-location, multi-region organizations across the country.

Employee First Network (EFN) has more than 100 years of combined experience in the food service industry. Our principals are passionate for the industry and remain focused on providing the ultimate food service through creative solutions and customized programs that benefit your organization and put your employees first.

EFN provides clients with a turnkey process through management and project direction of food and beverage service nationwide. At EFN, we believe it's time to raise the bar on the food service experience as we shift attention to employee morale and look to increase productivity.  We provide the tools and programs that can increase vending revenues, decrease supply costs, control product usage and help businesses run more efficiently.


When you rely on outside vendors for ongoing service, problems tend to linger and grow, while the benefits of value and convenience tend to diminish. It's likely no one inside your organization has time (or budget) to waste trying to solve issues far outside the scope of your company's core services.

EFN not only works to refine your food services to the highest standards, we also mitigate problems before they land on your desk and serve as your single point of contact for issues large and small. Our skilled team of food service professionals will learn every detail of your service requirements and your company culture.

We are a dedicated team of food and beverage veterans with the knowledge and skill to handle every situation.

What We Do

EFN maintains a nationwide network of independent operators dedicated to providing seamless, consistent quality food and beverage services to organizations across the country. We specialize in streamlining service for multi-location operations spread across multiple regions. We focus our resources on tightly integrating the requirements of your program into our daily oversight and evaluation. Because our standards of service are among the highest in the industry, you can be assured the program we design for your organization will be of the highest caliber.  


because it works right, it’s easy...

Vending service has changed over the years, but the simple availability of snacks and beverages is something your workplace takes for granted.

Unfortunately, many providers struggle to maintain high standards; products run short, freshness suffers, variety decreases and quality service grows sporadic, leading to frustration, wasted time and dissatisfaction in your workplace.

Multiply the same issues by the number of locations you have, and you wind up with one big headache.

EFN is your vending management solution.

When you choose a vending provider the deciding factor is often pricing or commissions. The reality is, quality of service is the only thing that separates food and beverage organizations.

We only work with reputable, capable vendors committed to providing consistent quality service. With our expertise and oversight, we can avoid time-wasting, frustration-causing problems altogether, or correct them if they already exist.

  • Nationwide network of vetted, proven providers
  • Comprehensive operational oversight of national program
  • Single point of contact for service, products, pricing and administration
  • Client-centric model emphasizes customer service

Professional vending service benefits everyone in your organization, even your guest and visitors. Don't let regional limitations or inadequate administration ruin a good thing for your team. EFN provides expertise and solutions for every possible challenge in your vending program.


our entire organization benefits...

Corporate food service offers your associates convenience and value in their workplace meals. Onsite dining saves them time and money, and lets them get back to focusing on their duties and responsibilities. It's a simple, effective benefit that serves your entire organization.

But working with different providers from one location to the next can lead to challenges you don't have time to deal with. Pricing, selection, quality and administration can wind up undermining the benefits of your service and lead to recurring issues.

EFN manages the intricacies of your food service program at the national level. Our network of providers includes the most capable regional food service organizations in the nation. Our position in the industry allows to serve as your liaison, working to optimize and streamline food service throughout your organization.

  • Day-to-day oversight of service and administration
  • SOPs established and maintained across regions and providers
  • Simplified, transparent financial reporting
  • Annual quality control auditing
  • Concise control of health & wellness subsidies
  • Expert assistance with RFP process and contract negotiation

Professional food service is always there when you need it. Employee First Network can maximize the benefits to your associates and minimize the time you have to spend thinking about it. Don't get caught up in a long list of issues with nothing but a longer list of contacts to try to get solutions. Trust the only food service management team with the experience and resources to make those problems a thing of the past.


it’s a perk for the whole company...

It's no secret - many of us simply can't face the work day without a cup of joe. To keep employees from waiting in long lines where they'll wind up paying top dollar (and likely be late to work), many organizations offer on-site coffee service. The benefits are obvious, but the details can be messy.

OCS providers are notorious for leveraging the absolute bare minimum resources necessary to maintain service. It's a basic consequence of small companies trying protect profitability while keeping operating costs down.

EFN can make certain your coffee service is of consistent quality and always meets your expectations. Our vendors are proven, reliable service providers that we hold to the highest standards, so your associates can get their fix and get back to work.

We can help simplify purchasing, delivery and equipment service, and standardize the whole process at each of your locations to keep your team happy and the java flowing, while keeping problems and distractions from cluttering your desk and inbox.

  • Expertise in sourcing local and regional providers
  • Quality control procedures to address and avoid lingering problems
  • National brands, quality equipment, standardized service
  • Online ordering, scheduled delivery
  • Simplified billing

Your team wants coffee. If your coffee program is going to keep them happy, it has to be done right. Let EFN manage the service and quality control for you. They get the good stuff, you look like a freshly ground superhero, and you never have to spend time thinking about it again.  


we’re thrilled with the results...

The micro-market has changed they way we think about dining at the workplace. It offers the convenience of vending combined with the freshness and variety of traditional food service.

But like much of the food service industry, micro-market service is largely regional. Your options tend toward different providers at your various locations.

EFN understands the micro-market industry like no one else. We can eliminate the guesswork, the time-consuming oversight and complications of dealing with multiple vendors so you can focus on other responsibilities.

Maybe you need 6 installations in one location, but have 9 other offices that need service too. Or you have multiple locations that need multiple markets, and a long list of satellites to consider as well. They'll all need service schedules tailored to their specifications, so all of your associates can count on getting what they to make it through the day.

Whatever configuration your organization requires, EFN will manage every detail of planning, installation and service.

We'll also make sure your service CONTINUES to be high-quality and reliable, so your workforce can stay focused on the job instead 0f daydreaming about pizzas falling out of the sky. Micro-market service doesn't have to be difficult or complicated, but it will be if it isn't done right.

Headquartered in our Nation's Heartland

If your organization has multiple locations, you understand the challenges of maintaining standardization across operations. Establishing or reconfiguring corporate control can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. There is no reason you should spend a dime or a waste even a moment sorting through food service minutiae. EFN can manage your food service programs all across the country.

EFN serves client organizations of every sort, across the united states. Our single purpose is maximizing the benefits of your food, vending, office coffee and micro-market services for your team and your company every single day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process EFN WILL use to CUSTOMIZE our program?

First, we evaluate the current service and make recommendations on what the best options are for your organization. Next we implement our seamless transition of getting all your food service and vending under the EFN umbrella. This is followed by you sitting back and enjoying while we take care of all the details. We strive for every detail in every location to be exactly the same.

If one of our locations is happy with their current provider do they have to change?

We will research that company on your behalf. If they fit within our criteria and are willing to work within the framework of your program, then there is no reason to change. After all, your employees come first.

How much is your service going to cost us?

There are no out-of-pocket expenses. We will work with the current vendor for minimal fees based on sales. We also work to optimize or network through operational expertise to maximize profitability.

Can the program vary from location to location?

That would be totally up to you and your locations. Our intention is to customize your program and not to take a cookie-cutter approach. However, it generally makes sense to have the same program in all locations so every employee is treated consistently.

If we decide we want to change our program in the middle of our contract, can we do so?

EFN is dedicated to working on behalf of your organization and its employees.  We will modify anything that is mutually agreed upon with all parties.

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